The Romance of Our Journey

Our Story

Harbingering halls

The year is 1996.

Maria and Christian attend Grant High School, but do not know each other. They walk the same hallways, share the same class, and attend the same pep rallies.

Maria knows of Christian, who is pretty well known – a Senior All-City Outside Linebacker and captain of the football team, later to be voted the school's "Most Attractive" senior.

Christian, recalls walking past Maria in the halls but doesn't remember having an opportunity to talk or interact with her. Maria, a junior at the time, was popular and outgoing with a no-nonsense attitude.

The halls remember the future.

The Bridge of Fate

Fast forward to 2001.

Unknowingly, Maria becomes good friends with Christian's mom and family. It so happens that Christian's mom would marry Maria's neighbor and long-time family friend, creating a bridge between the two families.

Aside from an exchange of glances at a family gathering, Christian and Maria would not meet again for years to come.

Neither, have a clue at this point what has been set into motion.

Fait Accompli

It's now 2010.

Christian is back in Los Angeles after moving around the East Coast and traveling the world. Maria has moved back from Texas, is raising her daughter Emma, and making a name for herself in real estate.

A few months after returning, Christian leases an office in the same building where his mom has her office. One random day, Maria stops by to visit Christian's mom and sees him across the way. The two spark a conversation that leads to a project proposal that Christian would be hired for, which he also later discovers was orchestrated by Maria and friends to 'keep the conversation going', so to speak.

After the project is finalized, Maria suggests to Christian that the two should catch up over dinner and drinks. Christian agrees.

The plan worked.

Interwoven Hearts

Thanksgiving, 2015.

Christian and Maria bring their families together for Thanksgiving dinner to announce their relationship (for the first time), AND give them the news of a lifetime – Maria is expecting (Alaïa Valentina).

Their hearts have now become entwined with heaven, and their journeys merged into one – Christian and Maria start a family together with their love and commitment to each other as the foundation for all the adventures that lie ahead.

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