The Wedding


Chiesa Madre di Savoca

Sitting atop the hills of Savoca, named one of the most beautiful villages in all of Italy, The Chiesa Madre di Savoca offers an unspoiled view of Sicily's lush mountains and tantalizing coasts. Tracing its heritage back to the early 9th century, Chiesa Madre offers a Sicilian-Renaissance elegance and charm that will transport you back in time.

What a more perfect setting for walking down the aisle, or saying 'I do', than a 1,200-year-old medieval altar perched high on a hill above the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean sea.

It's no wonder why Savoca and the Chiesa Madre were chosen as the backdrop to Michael Corleone and Apollonia's wedding in Francis Ford Coppola's, The Godfather – one of the most iconic scenes, and films, in cinema history.

From 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.
@ Chiesa Madre di Savoca
Via Chiesa Madre, 5, 98038
Savoca ME, Italy

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2 — Godfather walk & MINGLER

San Nicolò &
Bar Vitelli

Down the street from our ceremony sits two of Savoca's signature landmarks, also famed in scenes from The Godfather: Chiesa di San Nicolò and Bar Vitelli.

With a traditional Sicilian folk band leading the way, we will make our way from Chiesa Madre on through Piazza Fossia, the town's main square, to San Nicolò to reenact Michael and Apollonia's famous walk down from the church to the cheers of the guests, and sounds of music.

We will then visit the world-famous Bar Vitelli to enjoy lemon granitas and zuccarat buscuits. Bar Vitelli appears in The Godfather scene in which Michael asks Apollonia's father for her hand in marriage.

From 1 p.m – 2:30 p.m
@Bar Vitelli
Piazza Fossia, 7, 98038
Savoca ME, Italy

Bar Vitelli Website

Villa Don Venerando

Getting married on, or near, the sea was a must for Christian and Maria. Fortunately, Sicily happens to be surrounded by five.

Neither imagined that their search would transport them beyond their hearts' desire to one of the most charming villas in all of Sicily: Villa Don Venerando.

With the Ionian Sea on one side and Mount Etna on the other, this country home is sheer beauty and splendor. Nestled within Sicilian lemon trees, grape vineyards, and lush greenery, Don Venerando is an awe-inspiring wonder.

It's in this picturesque setting, surrounded by Italy's most renowned vistas and landscapes, where Maria and Christian will hold their celebratory Reception.

Following the ceremonial festivities, the bride, groom, and guests will be driven 50-minutes south of Savoca to the town of Riposto, to continue the celebration.

In traditional Sicilian fashion, guests will enjoy live music, authentic Italian cuisine (menu, below), dancing, and endless laughter, as we witness the bride and groom, and the sun and moon, exchange gazes.

Starts at 3:30p
@ Villa Don Venerando
Str. 6, 95018
Riposto CT, Italy


Wedding menu


Canapés served with the cocktail

Black rice chips with beef & smoked almond mayonnaise

Bread croutons with marinated anchovies, burrata cheese & candied lemon peel

Crunchy zucchini flower


Ravioli stuffed with asparagus, served on a ragusano cheese fondue, with flavored crunchy breadcrumbs

Main Course

Sirloin beef coated with dried fruit served with red chicory & creamed celeriac


Cannoli, fruit small tarts, almond pastries, chocolate truffles & dried pastries